January 13, 2013

Golf is a fantastic game that brings with it friendships, laughs, beautiful scenery and, sadly, great frustration. Usually this frustration is a result of knowing you can hit a solid shot, but finding it harder to do so the harder you try. Why does it feel like despite everything you do, even receiving lessons from the best golf teachers, you still cannot consistently hit the ball the way you want?

More often than not, the reason is that your body is unable to move the way you or your golf teacher desires. That is why the great shots only appear occasionally; they only occur when another part of your body compensates in just the right way. And that’s why consistently repeating the great shots is so hard.

The Gray Institute, at the request of Nike, created an innovative golf enhancement program. It allows NG360 Performance Specialists like me to analyze your swing 3-dimensionally in order to identify movement limitations and weaknesses and then help you gain the motion and stability necessary to allow you to play the game of golf like never before.

The Analysis In-Depth:

The golf swing is an amazing but complicated motion that involves two major transformational zones including the backswing and follow through. NG360 analysis finds and resolves problems in those zones. If I were looking at your backswing transformational zone, I might ask you to hold your backswing and then check your hips to see if they have any extra motion 3-dimensionally. And if something looks limited, then I would start feeding out in which plane of motion that limitation exists and simultaneously checking your ability to control your available motion.

In between the transformational zones are two areas of sequencing that must also be analyzed. The first is the sequencing of the club head slowing during the backswing and the hips speeding up in the opposite direction at the same time – also known as distal deceleration and proximal acceleration. The second is the sequencing of the club head whip that occurs in the hitting zone – also known as the chain reaction whip caused by sequential deceleration, in this case, proximally to distally.

It is the combination of these two sequencing events that creates such a massive stretch or load to your muscles and allows you to generate such high speed at the club head. When your body is allowed to swing through the range of motion it needs for your swing style with proper stability throughout, golf really becomes fun! That is when you are able to hit with power, to hit the type of shot you want and to play the game without pain.

It is highly recommended that you continue working with a golf pro while you are going through the NG 360 Functional Performance System. You will be amazed by how much easier it becomes to follow swing instructions after training with a Nike Golf Performance Specialist.

If you want to improve your golf game through a Nike Golf 360 analysis, please call at (231) 577-6593 or email to schedule an appointment.

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