Forefront Physical Therapy Testimonials

Abby Schwartz

Dr. Manny was an incredible partner in my recovery after an ACL tear and reconstruction. I worked with Manny before and after surgery and the results have been amazing. Not only did he provide excellent treatment that got me back to playing sports 9 months post surgery, but also he created a supportive healing environment and answered all my questions. I wouldn’t have wanted to work with anyone else.

Sai Uttej

I had an amazing experience with Dr. Manny at physiotherapy. His expertise and personalized approach made a real difference in my shoulder recovery. Manny’s professionalism, friendly demeanor, and genuine care for his patients stood out. He explained everything clearly, motivated me during sessions, and provided valuable advice for self-care. I highly recommend him for anyone seeking top-notch physiotherapy!

Alexander Nessel

I recommend Dr. Dan Benson as wholeheartedly as possible for athletes looking to fix any type of injury, or optimize body movement, mobility, and mechanics. I’m in my 30s and very active in physically demanding sports – they’ve helped me through serious hip injury and surgery recovery, along with many other injuries and pains I’ve had over the last 5 years. I’ve been to more physical therapists than I can count and Forefront has given me the best results be far. They’re very patient, do a great job of understanding goals, explaining problems and solutions, and continuously iterating until you’re healthy. I recommend all my friends and family to Forefront when they have injuries and everyone has the same experience – they’re the best!

Carol Xia

Dr. Manny is extremely knowledgeable and a wonderful PT. Each visit he gave me customized exercises to strengthen my shoulder, and even provided alternate exercises when I was traveling and didn’t have access to weights. So glad that a friend recommended me to Forefront PT!

blabarus blabarus

I had a fantastic experience with Dr Dan Benson! Their expertise and personalized approach significantly improved my mobility and reduced pain. The friendly and supportive atmosphere in the clinic made each session enjoyable. I highly recommend their services for anyone seeking effective and compassionate care.

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Yash Sonthalia

I have been seeing Dr Manny for about a year now. I have seen him for various injuries associated with running and other acute injuries. He is very patient and is very thorough in his examinations. I really appreciate the effort he takes in getting to the root cause.

Alex Matute

Dr Manny has been very patient and thorough helping me recover from a broken ACL. He also recommended surgeons for getting second opinions that proved to be very valuable on their own. I was lucky to find him and have him as my therapist for over six months!