“I’ve seen many physical therapists over the past few years for shoulder and hip labral tears. Dan is by far the most knowledgeable PT I’ve worked with. One of the qualities that sets him apart is his persistence to get his clients actively participating in sports and high adventure activities as fast as possible. I eventually decided to get surgery for my shoulder and he has been helping me regain my range of motion and strength QUICKLY. He doesn’t rush the healing process and is hyper-aware of the abilities of my joints (even more so than me – it’s funny and surprising). He inspires confidence in me to perform movements that I would otherwise be nervous about and, without a doubt, these exercises are leading me to recover rapidly. I’m happy to say that I’ll soon be able to rock climb again, and am already back to mountain biking. It can be tedious to find a good PT, so take my advice – Dan is the real deal.”