Our Obsession With Human Movement Is Your Gain

Work with one of our human movement specialists to learn about the most advanced and up-to-date physical therapy and fitness related services.

  • We use a thought process called Applied functional Science
  • It lets us look at how the human body really moves
  • And it let’s us help you experience movement and life without pain

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As a result of our approach, we are able to effectively implement a novel and interactive approach to treatment that employs the use of 3-dimensional movement analysis

​This assessment method allows for a precise analysis of the movement fault(s) contributing to pain or reduced performance and the appropriate treatment to rapidly assist you in achieving your goals

Treatment sessions heavily emphasize active exercise in weight-bearing positions – these are positions that emphasize gravity based forces through the legs and/or arms such as standing, squatting, lunging, and planking

Our approach to physical therapy will help you return to your normal activities exceptionally fast and in better shape! ​​

Forefront Vision

Our vision is to make Forefront the most sought after physical therapy practice in the U.S.

Forefront Mission

Most athletes never reach their full potential due to injury or biomechanics issues. We guide athletes* through activity-specific exercise and dynamic hands-on strategies so their full potential is achieved.
We consider every person to be an athlete

Forefront Core Values

  • Be Challenging:
    ​Challenge every person to reach their full potential.
  • Be Creative:
    Every person moves and thinks differently – individualize care.
  • Be Curious:
    ​Sincerely learn about patients’ goals.